Miracle medicinal mushroom

Natural Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius may be your answer

Phellinus linteus
Phellinus igniarius
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Phellinus linteus

Phellinus igniarius

Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius mushrooms are also known as Sang Hwang in China and Korea and Mishima in Japan. They grow naturally on trunks of willow, paper mulberry, and elm trees that have lifetimes of more than 100 years. They need to grow for a minimum of 30-40 years under perfect growth conditions in order for the fruiting body to develop health applications such as polyphenol, triterpenoids, amino acids and nucleic acid.

This amazing mushroom has been used for centuries by traditional Asian medical practices. The first recorded demand for its health applications appeared in Qin China over 2000 years ago, and it was increasingly studied throughout later periods such as the Qing dynasty under Emperor Qianlong.

Phellinus linteus has appeared in numerous ancient medical texts such as the Ben Cao Gang Mu, in which the compiler marveled at the species, claiming “taken over a long period of time, ability of the body would not cease and the years would be lengthened to those of the immortal fairies.”

Although highly prized and studied for centuries, the reasons for the effectiveness of Phellinus Iinteus and Phellinus igniarius are only recently revealed through modern scientific studies. Today these two Phellinus species are some of the most widely researched medicinal mushrooms with thousands of research papers exploring their many powerful bio-logical activities.

A message from Dr. Frank

With immunologists and microbiologists searching for natural-based medicines of the future, Phellinus Iinteus and Phellinus igniarius are the most promising starting points for powerful and safe natural medicines of the future.

Since beginning my research on this incredible species more than 15 years ago, I have believed that with the right support from the compounds found naturally inside Phellinus, our immune system can take care of the rest.

I warmly invite you to start improving your health by empowering your immunity with the help of this amazing gift from mother nature.

Founder of Amazing Grace International

– Phellinus For Life –

With so many essential functions regulated by the immune system, ensuring that it stays healthy and works efficiently is a meaningful way we can take control to improve our own health. Adding Amazing Grace natural phellinus products into your daily life is a safe and tested way to improve your overall immune picture.

Our Product

Natural Phellinus fruiting body can now be enjoyed in various formats

and strengths to improve many areas of your health.

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Our Philosophy

Combining traditional wisdom and experience with modern science for the benefit of human health

We believe in an integrative approach to good health by combining modern medical science with natural Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius for a robust immune system.

We serve with pride and care

We believe in an integrative approach to good health by combining modern medical science with natural Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius for a robust immune system.

We specialise in harnessing the miraculous healing power of natural Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius mushrooms which have been used in traditional Chinese medicine practices for over 2,000 years.

Amazing Grace’s products are made from 100% pure natural Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius mushroom fruiting bodies from the wild. The mushrooms are carefully sourced by our expert teams and are checked using technology like the Scanning Electron Microscope and techniques such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to ensure authenticity and the correct amounts of active compounds in product formulas.

Our commitment to quality assurance and best practices gives our customers the freedom to enjoy the timeless wonders of ancient natural Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius mushrooms with modern-day scientific consistency.

The most important investment for our group continues to be in quality control, assurance, batch testing and analysis.

Research Team

Our partnering research team comprises renowned leading scientists and doctors from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore for a truly global approach to understanding this amazing species. Our international experts are respected industry leaders on topics as diverse as: mycology, biotechnology, immunotherapy, microbiology, immunology, general & microsurgery, anti-aging and many more.

Individually they have contributed greatly to advancing their own fields of study and together we have published dozens of papers on the many properties of Phellinus and their application to health sciences.