Dr. Frankie Chan (Frank Chanboonyasitt)

Founder, Thai-Korea Natural Phellinus Mushroom Research Center

Dr. Frankie Chan is the founder of Amazing Grace International and has made it his life’s mission for the past 15 years to understand and harness the incredible Phellinus species for human health. Dr. Chan has extensive experience in the medicinal mushroom field and has forged close working relationships with leading experts in the fields of mycology, microbiology, immunology and veterinary sciences to yield impressive research and development results in these areas.

Dr. Chan received his honorary Ph.D. degree in biology in 2008 from Thailand’s Mahasarakham University’s Faculty of Science for his outstanding research on the uses of Phellinus linteus as a defense against cancer and autoimmune diseases; as well as for his pioneering research on the extraction and cultivation of Phellinus linteus.

In 2000 Dr. Frankie Chan founded Thai-Korea Natural Phellinus Mushroom Research Center with Dr. Jae-Mo Sung of Kangwon University, Korea and served as president until 2010. Since 2010, Dr. Frank Chan has led Amazing Grace Biotech International to the continued development of the amazing Phellinus species into applications for human life. He remains an active member and contributor to The Thai-Korea Natural Phellinus Mushroom Research Center as their collective research continues.