Laughter in the Rain

People may be more susceptible to illness in rainy season. So, would it be better for being physically healthy? Let’s get started keeping your immune system well-balanced to stay away from diseases with Sang Hwang extract which helps balance and boost the health of your immune system. The strong immune system will do a remarkable job of defending against colds, allergies and other diseases in rainy season.


Effectiveness of the natural Sang Hwang mushroom on the immune system

There are 2 main parts of the immune system:

  1. The adaptive immune system (Th1)
  2. The innate immune system (Th2)


Normally, the adaptive immune system (Th1) protects us by first creating a barrier that stops invaders from entering the body. It is developed when the body is exposed to microbes. Another one is the innate immune system (Th2) which 40% out of 100% are used but another 60% is not. This occur when the Th2 is not stimulated appropriately. Humans were born with the innate immunity which is written in one’s genes.

Th2 will take steps when Th1 is unable to combat the invaders. However, without appropriate stimulation Th2 response is insufficient to control an infection effectively.


The adaptive immune system (Th1) occurs after exposure to a pathogen, then T cells and B cells are developed which make antibodies to fight diseases. At age 20, people display highest immune activity and gradually decline until they reach 70 years old.  So, older people have less robust immune responses than people of reproductive age which cause aging-associated diseases in later years.

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