Let’s Build Up Body’s Protection Shield

     Building up body’s protection shield is to strengthen the immunity naturally. Let’s stay happy with every period of the seasonal changes.

     In Thailand, the rainy season is a period of frequent weather changes that our bodies have to try to adapt. If the body unable to acclimatized to the shifting, this will cause different types of diseases, especially for those with allergies, cold, respiratory disorders, etc.

     Around 80% of the health problems one may face can be attributed to the malfunctioning of the immune system resulting in frequent sickness.

     An excerpt from the ancient medical text, Huang Di Nei Jing literally Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor, which has been treated as a fundamental doctrinal source for more than two millennia stated that “Good health is absence of disease”. This alludes to the fact that having a robust immune system will protect body against different types of diseases.

Properties of extract from the natural Sang Hwang mushroom

  • Helps enhance immunity

  • Optimizes T cells and NK cells functions

     which their main roles are to provide protection to the body and killing virus-infected cells or invading pathogens.  Furthermore, both T cells and NK cells have powerful abilities that they have recently been recognized for promoting immunity to fight cancer.

Notes:  For more information about T cells and B cells, please visit [www.meshima.info] Chapter 5 Immune system

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