The immune system inherited from parents and how to woke up immune system for strong health

At present, the mortality rate of people is not related to age, or 5 serious diseases that are the leading cause of death, come from life behavior which affects the functioning of the body’s systems both organs and immune.

Our behavior today use a lot of social media which causing the perception of a wide variety of stories. These perceptions bring us to have a lot of passions which causing us to seek things into our bodies.

Such as using many kind of chemical in our living. These chemical are effect to our organs and immune system in our body.

There are 2 immune systems in our body. The innate immunity which inherit immune from mother since we were born. The other system is acquired immunity. This immunity we create by ourselves when we get foreign matter into body.

These two immune systems are essential for the functioning of various organs in the body. The immune system inherited from parents or innate immunity will have a reduced function when we are older. It was due to chemical and various factors around us to suppress the function of this immune system. When this immune system is not in full function, all functional organs are out of balance. Because the body is primarily controlled by this immune system.

Therefore, disorder of the innate immune system will definitely lead to multiple organ dysfunction.

One thing that will help us is the natural extract of Sang Hwang mushroom. This is some research supports that when we received the natural Sang Hwang mushroom extract, it will have the effect of stimulating the innate immune system which in sleep stage to woke up and function again. When our immune system is in good condition. It will make our organs that work worse or less back to normal as before.


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