Thai-Korea Natural Phellinus Mushroom Museum which collects the most natural Sang Hwang mushrooms in Thailand

Centre of learning, education, and in-depth to leverage for scholars around the world and individuals who are interested in the natural Sang Hwang Mushroom.

In 2007, Medicinal mushroom museum the first of Asia In collaboration with Amazing Grace (Thai-Korea Natural Phellinus Research Center) and the Faculty of Science. Mahasarakham University

On 19 December 2007, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn graciously presided over the opening ceremony of the Medicinal mushroom museum at Mahasarakham University

Currently, The Museum of medicinal mushrooms at Mahasarakham University and Thai-Korea Natural Phellinus Mushroom Museum are Centre of learning, Exhibit of Sang Hwang mushroom Including research studies on important substances in various types of mushrooms.

But the effect of forest countless incursions which is the habitat of natural Sang Hwang mushrooms has been destroyed, made in the present Sang Hwang mushroom is very few ,This results in general public cannot use medicine extracted from natural Sang Hwang mushroom.

Amazing Grace has seen this problem. and realized that if not collecting the mushrooms in the natural Sang Hwang mushroom species this type of mushroom may go extinct. Therefore, the Thai-Korea Natural Phellinus Mushroom Museum was established with the objective of collecting species of mushrooms in this group. to display for the general public to know and disseminate academic works for the public to see the importance of this natural Sang Hwang mushroom

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