Only 20% of humans have access to Western medicine

“So this is essential information that We must learn to be in our nature.”

            What herbs do we need? Or how do we have to use it to get the point? There are many herbs around the world, more than 2,000 – 3,000 types. How to choose to apply? It depends on what environment we are in. What situation are we in?

            An example from the use of wisdom In the health care of our people for more than 2,000 years, it can be seen that the natural Sang Hwang mushroom. It is a type of mushroom that is contained in the textbook of medicine, whether it is ancient China, Korea or even Japan. At present, it has been accepted for the use of natural Sang Hwang mushrooms. in cancer treatment Japan has been proclaiming natural Sang Hwang mushroom as a cancer cure since 1968.

            In the past, China primarily owned this wisdom. But a huge palace was built using all the wood from the forest Forests in China are thus lost. It is recorded that China has less than 10% of forests remaining, so the natural Sang Hwang mushroom depends on large trees. and this wisdom was lost for a period of time.

            But at present, I have begun to realize that natural Sang Hwang Mushroom should be a good choice. So began to restore knowledge. And then there was a culture. In specific countries such as China, Korea, and has found that natural Sang Hwang mushrooms. Appeared in tropical Asia quite a lot. Because tropical Asian countries have a lot of forests. which these forests are important locations of natural Sang Hwang mushrooms Therefore, we also found populations of natural Sang Hwang mushrooms in this tropical forest. And there is a revival with the introduction of Chinese, Korean, Japanese science to produce medicines from natural Sang Hwang mushrooms.

            Many of you wonder if it’s a natural Sang Hwang mushroom, can it be used for Thai people?

Does Thailand have this wisdom?

            It turns out that as much as we searched and found that in the texts of ancient Thai scriptures. especially recorded in the palm leaf scriptures We found that the use of natural Sang Hwang mushrooms, but called in Thai as “Acacia Phiman Mushroom” not less than 100 recipes, especially in terms of cancer treatment It is clearly documented that Sang Hwang is used to treat cancer. Therefore, natural Sang Hwang mushroom should be a good choice. The side that we will use herbs as medicine or health care of our body.

            By : Dr. Usa Kinhom (President of the Thai Traditional Medicine and Health Network Association, Advisor to Academics, Amazing Grace Health Product Partnership)

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