‘Oriental Medicine’

The principle of build up
a strengthen immune system for the body

       a few years ago Science and technology have developed rapidly. Many countries have developed many aspects of natural Sang Hwang mushroom. There has been an in-depth study of the molecular level of the natural Sang Hwang mushroom in terms of its medicinal properties. and also discovering new properties in natural Sang Hwang mushrooms as follows:

  1. Stimulate the body’s stem cells to be used to repair damaged shells. Strengthening the regulation of immune function (T helper-1 and T helper-2).

   When Th1 or Th2 immunity is reduced, active substances from mushrooms help strengthen immune cells. On the other hand, when Th1 or Th2 immunity is too high, it can cause autoimmune disease. which is extracted from the natural Sang Hwang mushroom will help adjust the immune system to a balanced level

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Stimulate blood circulation
  3. Increase the amount of hormones from the thymus gland and others.

In addition, many other healing properties have also been discovered.

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