Where dose good immunity come from?

Q: Where does a good immune system come from?

A: Our immune system comes from 2 ways, one of which we get from our parents. And our body can build up when grow up, we seek for ourselves. when we get germs into the body Our body will build up immunity against that germ.

“But the best immunity
It is an immunity that is inherited from parents.”

     This is when we use bad behavior. Our body will not respond to the immune system. How can we stimulate the immunity that is derived from parents? It must be from the herbs that we have to eat into our bodies. One that is research-supported or definitively supports that it can boost parent-derived immunity. is from natural Sang Hwang mushroom

     although at the moment The most famous mushroom is Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum is an extract that stimulates the immune system as well. But most of the time, Ganoderma lucidum will stimulate the immune system that we build ourselves from after we give birth. Here we call TH1.

“This natural Sang Hwang mushroom extract will stimulate TH2.”

which is the immunity derived from the parents when we grow up If we have a behavior that accumulates chemicals accumulation of bad things into the body The immune system that we get from parents is reduced. But natural Sang Hwang mushroom extract here. It will stimulate the level of work or immunity from parents to work better.

     Because natural Sang Hwang mushrooms come from deep forests. Therefore, the process of obtaining natural Sang Hwang mushrooms The cost is quite high Most of the time, it is generally used These mushrooms are ground into powder. Then take it to mix powder or mix other herbs into capsules and then sell it.

One of the processes to achieve
the best results of this Sang Hwang Mushroom is.”

     Must extract the important substances contained in natural Shang Huang mushrooms. That is not less than 30 years old, because natural Sang Huang mushrooms that are 30 years old or older will be able to create all 20 important substances from the study. Natural Sang Hwang Mushroom Extract will help make healing or healing target tissues or organs. By helping to stimulate the immune system to work better.

“Why is this natural Sang Hwang mushroom
a miracle medicine? can cure 10 diseases?”

     Actually, natural Sang Hwang mushroom will stimulate the immune system to work stronger. When our immune system is stronger, we can fight more disease. Another importance of natural Sang Hwang mushroom is

“The active substances contained in
natural Sang Hwang mushrooms are targeted to abnormal organs.”

     A simple example, for example, when a virus enters the human body. If receiving natural Sang Hwang mushroom extract It will help destroy the enzyme that the virus can penetrate into our cells. This one is fully supported by research.

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