Size: 30 grams/Jar
HKD 348

Meshima Bio-Intensive Day Cream Hydric & SPF15 cream uses only the finest premium ingredients to provide your skin with all-day nourishment and protection. The carefully selected ingredients harmonize together to provide deep moisture inside the skin cells and support your body’s healthy enzyme activity to help achieve a balanced and brighter skin tone.

Made with powerful natural ingredients with protective properties means that applying it in the morning can provide absorption & protection from the sun’s UV B rays.

Regular use can help to smooth out fine lines that reveal aging, making you appear more youthful and making it the first step in your beauty ritual every morning.

Works best when complemented with Meshima Signature Rejuvenating Night Cream to provide an effective 24-hour professional skin regimen.

A perfect symphony of premium natural ingredients that is formulated to repair your skin overnight so that you feel and look rejuvenated in the morning.

Every day your skin is exposed to sources of free radical damage that accumulate and show up as wrinkles and other blemishes of aging. The fine ingredients inside Meshima Signature Rejuvenating Night Cream promote your skin’s nightly repair from sources of environmental damage.

Carefully selected components work overnight to help reduce wrinkles, firm and tighten the skin, soothe irritation and smoothen the skin to its brightest level of radiance in the morning when you wake up.

For unmatched results, combine with Meshima Bio-Intensive Day Cream HYDRIC & SPF 15 every morning to enhance the deep moisturizing to the skin cells. Together they provide a 24-hour regimen that keeps your skin nourished and rejuvenated outside during the day and when resting at night.

Size: 30 grams/Jar
HKD 443

Size:100 ml/Bottle

HKD 170

This silky indulgent body lotion enables your skin to recapture its lost radiance by providing lasting hydration and arresting early damage to the skin before it becomes permanent.

Providing a daily supplement of deeply nourishing moisture from Jojoba esters, along with skin repair and protection from premium Meshima mushroom, this non-greasy cream offers immediate hydration and lasting results with continued use.

Delivering a supercharged boost of these heroic hydrating healing compounds, this lightweight cream can be applied twice daily after bathing for your most beautiful healthy skin.

Meshima Molecular Hydration Revitalizing Toner is designed to complete the cleansing of your skin, helping to get rid of the dust, pollution, oils and other impurities that can remain on your skin at the end of the day even after a normal wash.

With every use it infuses your complexion with replenishing, revitalising, energising and toning ingredients that also provide molecular hydration alongside the deep yet gentle cleansing action. Treat your skin properly so that it feels balanced and hydrated as well as completely clean.

A must-have for anyone who lives in a polluted environment or wears makeup. Use daily after cleansing with soap and before applying treatment creams. Saturate two cotton pads and apply to the face & neck area avoiding the eye and lip area.

Size:100 ml/Bottle

HKD 195