Meshima Herbal Soap

Descending from the powerful salves and remedies found in nature in an ancient era, Meshima Herbal Soap is carefully formulated to capture the strength of natural Phellinus linteus extract.

Modern research has identified many beneficial cosmetic applications of Phellinus linteus extracts: they can act as a powerful antioxidant, provide strong UV absorption, boost immune system and aid detox function.

Further research revealed polysaccharides found in wild Phellinus linteus can enhance natural skin tone lightening by acting as an effective inhibitor of tyrosinase, the key enzyme attributed to many of the body’s pigmentary issues.

Size: 50 grams/bar

HKD 38

Size: 100 grams/bar

HKD 60

Size: 100 grams/bar, 4 bars/box


Meshima Charcoal Scrub Herbal Soap

Charcoal has been celebrated for its natural properties since it was first used in ancient Egypt almost 2,000 years ago to absorb odours. Early civilisations and tribes practiced washing their bodies, hands and even teeth with charcoal powder for its natural deep cleaning effect long before the invention of modern soaps.

Meshima Charcoal Scrub Herbal Soap is carefully formulated to learn from this timeless wisdom and combine the cleansing properties of bamboo charcoal with natural Phellinus linteus extracts and the highest quality herbs and essences indigenous to Asia. Essential vitamins like C, A, E and B3 as well as skin-rejuvenating collagen are found infused inside Meshima Charcoal Scrub Herbal Soap.

Size: 120 grams/bar

HKD 82

Size: 230 grams/bar

HKD 158


Size: 60 grams
HKD 40

Thai Bird’s Nest Soap

For more than a thousand years in Chinese history, the health virtues of bird’s nest were widely known to make this gourmet meal also able to restore and maintain a healthy body. For a long time it was hailed as “gold of the seaside” and was so rare that only the aristocracy was ever fortunate enough to taste it. Bird’s nest is naturally rich in Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a signaling molecule that increases performance of the circulatory system and thus aids in keeping skin radiant and youthful-looking. Thai bird’s nest is famous around the world for its superior quality.

Bird’s Nest Milk Rice Soap is enhanced with the added benefits of rice milk, rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and vitamin B12. Each square can help repair damage from UV A and UV B exposure and to whiten the skin.

Filled with the highest quality natural ingredients like pure swiftlet bird’s nest, rice milk, and olive oil, each square of Bird’s Nest Milk Rice soap allows the skin to feel nourished, supple and soft to the touch with a delicate fragrance even long after bathing.