Sang Hwang Rejuvenating Facial Mask




Sang Hwang Rejuvenating Facial Mask is crafted for you to feel a new level of facial rejuvenation and refreshment every
time you wear it.

Inside Sang Hwang Rejuvenating Facial Mask nature’s most powerful ingredients work together to deliver deep moisture
at a cellular level. This deep cellular rejuvenation crucially helps to restore and regenerate damaged or dry skin, which
would otherwise be the first steps towards tired, wrinkled aged skin. The premium natural ingredients inside every
facial mask also promote the removal of old skin cells and proteins which begins the process of regenerating new
youthful skin cells.

Every day in today’s world we face a variety of damage to our fragile facial skin from environmental and lifestyle factors.
Rejuvenating and repairing your skin cells on a regular basis are key to maintaining healthy glowing skin that appears full
of vitality.

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